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Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection


The Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection (GILC) is comprised of national organizations committed to end the pressing global issues of loneliness and social isolation. We support the dissemination of system-wide, national approaches to build social connection.

A Global Movement to Connect


A global partnership committed to ending loneliness and social isolation


Take part in global events designed to foster global collaboration and knowledge sharing


Discover loneliness and social isolation resources from partner organisations around the globe

Curious about the Global Response to Loneliness after Covid-19?
Check out the resources from our latest webinar below - with contributions from the World Health Organisation and global leaders like Dr Vivek Murthy (21st US Surgeon General) & Baroness Barran (Minister for Loneliness UK):

Recording 07/20/2021

Find the speaker slides and more information on the event here: 

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